Mr. Pringles

“Hey, wait up!” Cosette screamed at Fantine. They were going to the cellar of the school, and they were looking for a test tube for Chemistry Class.


“I’m Sorry-can I help you?” An old man’s voice said. Cosette froze. “Um, new ringtone, Fantine?” She asked.


“No-Actually, it couldn’t be any professor.. This is an all girl school…” Fantine responded.

“So Sorry to frighten you..” The voice said again. When it stepped out, he threw a food container at her and Fantine. “Isn’t today a jolly day?” The man said, dancing. “Happy Pringle day!” Cosette looked at the container.




Fantine was eating them already.


“G’day! My name is Mr. Pringles!” He said as he left.


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