The scent of fresh air…

Fantine waited for Cosette for a very long time. “Cosette! What took you so long?” She asked. “Sorry, Mr. Cortez asked me to help paint the Student’s lounge. Then I got so tired I bought two bottles of soda. Then-“

“Okay, Okay! I understand.” Fantine laughed. She was a joyful person, with the talent of playing the violin, piano, flute, guitar and drums. She was a Filipina, which made Cosette misunderstand her words like tabo (dipper) for mango. So in fact, when she needed to pass it to another Filipino person (a lot of students are Filipino) it will say ‘Do you drink Too Big?’ Because Fantine would ask Cosette to write some notes for her. “No, no! It’s T-U-B-I-G, not Too Big!” Fantine explained.

“Oh!” Cosette laughed. Fantine’s friend, Emma,was turning 15 tomorrow. She told Cosette that they should find a gift. Fantine gave her some wooden planks to help build her new clubhouse, and Cosette gave her Electric Blue paint. “Thanks so much guys! The best gift I’ve ever had are these! This wood is smooth and does not cause splinters! This blue is eye-catching! This will make my clubhouse 1st place! Wow!” Emma said.

Cosette did not wear her diamond crusted heels without Fantine. Meanwhile, she only wore Her Ruby Red heels. It was not that high, and besides, it brought out her red hair, and it was simple. “Fantine! wait up!” Cosette shouted. She was not catching up because her sandal got loose.


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