Moving and Meeting

In 1960, there was a princess named Cosette. She helped the whole kingdom, from plagues to sicknesses. Their kingdom was clean in no time flat! But one day in June, Cosette’s mother said they needed to move to a small town called Rose. “Mother, no!” Cosette, pleaded, making sure her mother agreed that it was not for Royal people.

“We are in great danger. I am sorry but we will have to wear jeans instead of gowns, um, we’re also taking a taxi!” her mother explained. Cosette hated taxis-jeans made her sweaty-and she simply hated to move!¬†On the day they moved, (June 30) Cosette took a deep, deep breath. As her-ewww-sneakers stepped inside the cold floor of the cab, Cosette refused. She caused a tantrum for 30 minutes. She had no choice but to step inside and sit on the seat strangers lay their butt on. Cosette wished she had her diamond-crusted high heels back in her feet. It was a 1-hour trip, with radio music and dirt on the window. It was even raining! A rainy Monday, Cosette thought.

They reached there. Cosette enrolled in Vintage School, the popular school. That Wednesday Cosette met Fantine, a 16-year old girl that studied there for life. She told her all about the school gym, classrooms and dorms. “I bet you’re Dorm 7 with me!” Fantine whispered.

That day Cosette was overjoyed (maybe not OVERjoyed but happy) that she got to be in the same room with her first friend. Their room was large, with fur carpets that Cosette liked. The beds were the perfect size, and every night Fantine would tell her all about her team and how they  ghost-busted and stuff.

Cosette was desperate about this. every night she’d ask Fantine if she could join. Every night Fantine slept early, and kept Cosette annoyed by snoring. “Mmmm…”

Cosette walked in the halls.